Four people are on the verge of losing their jobs at the Casino de Biarritz. As the casino is owned by the Barrière group, it has decided to part with about sixty of its employees, including 4 in Biarritz. This news sounds like a chopper among all casino employees. They came down en masse to express their discontent last Monday.

Financial Difficulties As A Pretext

The Barrière group, a famous casino operator in France, plans to reduce its workforce. 4 employees of the Biarritz casino will soon find themselves unemployed.

A news which did not delight all the employees of the casino of Biarritz. On December 28, they were more than forty to have gathered in front of the doors of the casino to protest against these dismissals.

The Barrière group under the argument of economic difficulties decided to part with nearly sixty employees. An economic argument that the unions are defeating. According to them, these layoffs are a windfall effect.

Employees Demand Accounting Expertise

In Biarritz, the argument is difficult to direct with trade unionists. Kevin Lafon, FO union delegate from the Biarritz casino protests against the decision. According to him, the advanced economic motive does not hold water, because in Biarritz the casino is always in surplus. He admits all the same that the current year has not been so smooth financially, because the casino was closed due to Corona virus. But he goes on to say that when it reopens it will take off as it was the case this summer. He ends by saying that in the exercise of their right of alert, it requires an accounting expertise.

The positions threatened with dismissal at the Biarritz casino are those of the chef de partie, the chef de table attached to various degrees of responsibility for the proper functioning and management of table games, an executive secretary and a sales representative in charge. animations and seminars.

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